The art in Carter is a dream developed in reality through creative expression. It's what motivates my drive to comprehend God’s voice, and to use my eyes, feet, mouth, and fingers to create art that help end the blindness of nonbelievers. As long as I can hold onto faith and believe in what my eyes yet cannot see, then the visions in my head are what makes my dreams the art of my reality.


Graduated from The Art Institute of Indianapolis with a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design. I Have not only astonished viewers with a uniquely puzzled ideas, but morely astonished on  the way I can put them together. As I have learned to merge my graphic abilities with the abilities of my fine arts I've developed a new style of art that has enhanced the reactions of my viewers. My style and the knowledge I've gained through the Art Institute has put me on the right path to becoming a great designer and Fine artist.


I am a visual contemporary artist specializing in mix media painting. Through emotional expression I use sand and acrylics to communicate my beliefs and understanding of life’s contrast between the world and myself. Sand has become my primary medium in defining that meaning of difference. It helps me capture the creative interest through viewer’s eyes, but it also sheds light on the possibilities of an idea that might seem impossible. Being able to use a substance as simple as sand in the place of more traditional mediums helps to distinguish my work from other artists. It is what helps set my work apart.


When I was 14-years old, I was hospitalized for more than six months. It was during that period that I lifted my eyes to see what gifts God had in store for me, and that time gave voice to this artistic testimony. It took four of an estimated twelve months of healing to get me to realize why God allowed the bones down my right side to be shattered while also leaving my right arm and hand unbroken. I am a right-handed artist, and as I recovered from critical injuries within a short period of time, I came to understand that no obstacle formed against me can win when God is on my side.